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Emissions Management Tool

The RBA's Emissions Management Tool is an online greenhouse gas quantification and reporting platform to support emissions calculations and increase ESG transparency, maturity, and data availability.


The Emissions Management Tool supports RBA members’ emissions calculations, demystifies the complexity of GHG management, and advances member and supplier sustainability efforts.

In partnership with Optera, the Emissions Management Tool will capture essential environmental data and engage tens of thousands of entities worldwide to transform industry response to climate change.

Using established trading relationships in RBA-Online, suppliers can easily complete their GHG inventory one time and share results with their RBA member customers. The data collected will follow stringent security protocols to protect confidential information. The RBA and Optera are both ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

The Emissions Management Tool includes:

  • A surveying tool to capture essential emissions data across RBA members and their suppliers
  • A guided emissions calculator to enable respondents to develop their own inventory
  • Dashboards and reports to provide insights on reported information

Key Benefits:

  • Increased visibility into your suppliers' GHG emissions
  • Timelier data collection to improve speed and actionability
  • Streamlined engagement, and reduced survey fatigue, for suppliers
  • Trusted methodology and emissions factors backed by established data sources


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Frequently Asked Questions

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